Corporate video

With the film “WOMEN” the director Ludovic GICQUEL wanted to highlight the woman through different portraits. To begin, we had to succeed in expressing musically the feminine complexity. Sensitivities, seductions, doubts, all these elements had to be expressed to become one with the image. It is naturally that we have selected the musical title “Break Even” deeply “Electro” borrowed from the air of time that was most likely to translate these emotions.

Once the musical structure was drawn, we wanted to select several models representing the different female facets. Ludovic GICQUEL director and producer of this fashion show, wanted to create several graphic worlds. To convey this message, we want to propose a palette of colors in order to identify the tables.
Our last line of action for this fashion video was to propose a strong rhythmic structure. Jerky images, letting the “black” images breathe.

To maximize our chances of capturing exceptional images, we chose to shoot with an exacerbated light.

The post-production work with Da Vinci resolve to perform the colorimetry allowed us to get to the bottom of things. At the end of the color detail. Approaching music clip techniques. For effective editing, we recommend the Premiere Pro CC editing software perfect for performing the famous XML export round trip with Da Vinci resolve studio.

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