Corporate video

Aenaria production and its director and drone pilot Ludovic GICQUEL, certified DGAC (General Directorate of French Civil Aviation, scenario S1-S2-S3-S4) have been entrusted with the image coverage by drone and the replacement of five statues of four tons each on the Saint-Augustin churchyard Saint-Augustin church located in the heart of Paris 8th. The aim is to produce a film retranscribing the beauty of this building and the work of renovation and replacement of its statues.The Saint-Augustin Church, jewels of the Paris City Hall operates a real rejuvenation to maintain its place in the Parisian heritage . The idea of ​​freezing this unique moment during a shoot using a Phantom 4 drone was obviously a favorite for the pilot and director Ludovic GICQUEL. The shooting of this promotional video was done in early September 2017. This institutional film was created with the aim of creating an effective communication support to promote the renovation of the Parisian heritage by the Paris City Hall, the Studio Sherlock and the company Chevalier.Le drone DJI Phantom 4 was selected for this project for its mobility and weight allowing it to fly over the capital without a parachute. In addition, the ability with this drone to shoot images in 4096 × 2160 (4K) resolution makes it particularly effective. Its use for shooting with 30 km / h of wind and driving rain allowed him to prove it. Once the shooting was finished, the editing of this film was done under the Adobe suite under Premiere Pro CC and After effect The post-production processing of color is one of the keys to the realization of communication video for the web. We had to sublimate the landscapes in such a way as to make an impression with this digital promotion film for Thailand. We therefore worked with a cinematographic editing technique with many elements of speedgrade and the Lumetri panel of the 2017 Premiere Pro CC. techniques are essential in the production of communication film that all cinematographer or film production must know how to master. We then had to recreate each of the sounds that may have existed during the scenes shot. The sound mixing and its mastering were done on Audition offering a remarkable rendering. If you want more information about this film project in drone or that we conducted a study of your video project or film communication, contact us thanks to the form in French or in English, we will answer you as soon as possible.

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