Corporate movie

This personal project created by Ludovic GICQUEL is a personal project that is the subject of several months and seasons of capture. The starting point of this adventure was to be able to show the spectators the five elements that constitute nature and to make a film.

Once the scenario of the film written, Ludovic chose a flexible logistics related to the elements to be filmed.

On this project, we chose to create a custom music band.
The objective, to hold the attention of the spectators by projecting them in the middle of the elements.

For this, Ludovic GICQUEL producer and director of the project to opt for sound processing under Audition CC, Logical Suite Adobe. The transformation and the processing of the sounds allow an original creation with a lot of character.

Then we opted for a 4k ground shoot with the Black Magic Ursa Mini pro camera. Of course the images have been exported in smaller definition to have a fluid reading on social networks. The Phantom 4 drone and the Inspire 2, were two essential tools.

Modular and offering breathtaking shots with its X5 and X5 Raw cameras, it does not forget the possibility of significant post-production. (colorimetry, contrast, light).

Finally, the choice of the CP2 Cinéma optics case from the Canon range in EF mounting allowed the rendering of a cinematographic image.

This type of movie shoot interests you? You also want to make a communication video or a film highlighting your product? We would love to talk to you about your video project and accompany you in its success. To do this, please contact us via our contact form and we will answer you as soon as possible.

If you want more information about the selected material, the way of producing a film, or obtaining rushes, we invite you to click on our Youtube channel, you will find the descriptions by film or tutorial of the material and on the way of proceeding. You’ll also find links to rushes and clickable material with options to buy them.

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