Marion Genest Fedeeh

Video corporate

AENARIA PRODUCTION was commissioned to produce a series of reports on 10 portraits of the usagers of the Fedeeh. For this project, we chose to treat these portraits with a paw, an identity. To do this, we sought to document as much as possible. close to the director of communication to provide a complete information content on each profile and a story enhancing the information of the post.Next, we wrote the comment of the portrait in order to present it to the client for approval. we opted for the traditional method. A journalist of images sent on the seminars, a microphone or hand Hf, and interviews of the protagonists.A light solution highlighting the treatment of information, and the communication of the group.Each of our journalists reporter d ‘images have great field experiences. They are all graduates of a license in journalism. For the shooting of the report, AENARIA PRODUCTION opted for a Monopod Manfrotto, micro HF or hand and a C-100 camera totally automated. The choice of the objective evolves according to the situations of shooting. The Canon 24-70mm and the 50mm are both bestsellers in the field.This video clip interests you? You too want to make a communication report? We would love to talk to you about your video project and accompany you in its success. Click on the contact form to exchange.


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