Drone at Paris


Aenaria production and its producer & director and drone pilot Ludovic GICQUEL, certified DGAC (General Directorate of French Civil Aviation, scenario S1-S2-S3-S4) was entrusted with the realization of a film project in drone flying over a shipyard over Paris.

In this project, the magic of the Phantom 4 drone proved to be ideal for enhancing the construction site of two buildings built by the city of Paris and Paris Habitat, which will contain 176 future housing units in the Paris-Auteuil area.

The shooting of this communication video dedicated to the Paris-Auteuil shipyard took place during the month of October 2016. This institutional film was created with the aim of creating an effective communication support to promote all the Paris Habitat projects. .

Thus, following a briefing session to understand the objectives of the project, we got in touch very quickly with the DGAC (General Directorate of Civil Aviation and the Prefecture of Paris) to obtain the filming agreements necessary to carry out an overview of the project. legal drone over Paris.

The choice of the drone DJI Phantom 4 was quickly imposed for its mobility and weight allowing a flyover without parachute. The possibility with this drone to shoot images in 4096 × 2160 (4K) resolution was a real asset.

Once the filming was finished, the editing of this film was done under the Adobe suite with famous software such as Premiere Pro CC and After effect. We worked with a film editing technique selected by our upstream client and a motion-design integrated with the building elements.

Subsequently a colorimetric treatment was carried out with the software Speedgrade and Premiere Pro CC.

Together the sound mixing and mastering were done on Audition offering a perfect integration of the logical suite of Adobe and offering a remarkable rendering.

If you want more information about this film project in drone or we are conducting a study of your video project or film communication, contact us with the form in French or English, we will respond as soon as possible .

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