Corporate companies

AENARIA PRODUCTION, production company of corporate communication movie, and its producer and director Ludovic GICQUEL wanted to create un video clip showing our core business: communicate.

In our current society, every action is a matter of communication. Every word, every picture or each music has a particular signification in the companies. Everyday, in this context, we ask ourselves how to deliver your message in the best way? What is the best picture to emphasize your communication? How to create the best corporate communication movie for the collaborators and external customers?

This year again, we’ve asked ourselves all these questions. A wonderful year. A year full of meetings in many areas. Rich and various projects, always challenging, sometimes top-secret! And now, we want to share with you our own message, show you what we think about “communicate”.

Thus, we applied our experience and know-how to create a movie serving a clear message: communication is the key in a company and we wish to help it.
The pictures and editing of this video clip has been done under the Adobe suite with software such as Premiere Pro CC and After effect, with a cinema editing technique and a colorimetric editing thanks to Speedgrade and Premiere Pro CC. Finally, a sound mixing and its mastering has been done under Audition with a perfect integration in the Adobe suite. You can see now the results.

If you need more information about this project or want us to analyze your video clip or communication movie project, please contact us thanks to the form in French or English, we will answer you as soon as possible.


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