Alyce 2

Laura suddenly discovers that she is not her parents’ biological daughter. From then on, her life will be completely turned upside down. Everything will accelerate. The young woman will have to discover who she is, face the evil that eats away at her and try to resolve it.

Status : Pre-Production
Format : Short-film
Timing : 18 minutes
Year of development : 2020
Script and Director : Ludovic GICQUEL

Producers : Ludovic GICQUEL & Maurice GICQUEL

ALICE is the first short film by Ludovic GICQUEL. This film is currently under CNC commission and also in regional commissions. The scenario is being studied to obtain the scholarship from the BEAUMARCHAIS – SACD association. The film is supported by Transpalux and Transpagrip but also Vantage.


Script and Director : Ludovic GICQUEL
Assistant Director : xxxx XXXXX
Actors : xxxx XXXX | Clara PIRALI  | Pascal DAUBIAS | Olivier NEVEUX | Marc CHOQUET | xxxxx XXXXX
Executive producer : Philippe Montiel
Stage manager : xxxx XXXXX
Steadycam : xxxxx XXXX
Editing : ……
Assistant Editing : xxxxx XXXX
Special effects : ……
Color Grading : Aline CONAN
Sound : François MEYNOT
Sound Editing : François MEYNOT
Music : June and The Jones
Make-up : Charlie LOUISE
Hair : Marion LABAYE
Costumer : Anaelle MISMAN
Production designer : Marc PACON
Key grip : Titus
Gaffer : Charles CARPENTIER
Producers : Ludovic GICQUEL & Maurice GICQUEL pour AENARIA PRODUCTION

Special thanks to : Proarti | La Région …. | CNC | ……. | SACEM | TRANSPALUX – Didier DIAZ | TRANSPAGRIP – Nicolas BOUCHARD.

Country : France
Kind of movie : Fiction
Style : Dramatic
Chromatic : Color
Timing : 18 min

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