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At home, Leïla is an eleven-year-old girl who receives the love of her parents and her little brother with whom she enjoys sharing games of video games.

Outside, his relationship to children his age is quite different. Difficult for her to have friends, and in college, it’s good to be different. It is better to be part of the group of popular and “typical” pupils. Leïla quickly finds herself the victim of a reality that inexorably closes in on her.

Status : Pre-Production
Format : Short-film
Timing : 29 minutes
Year of development : 2020
Script and Director : Ludovic GICQUEL – Thomas GARCIA & Ludovic GICQUEL
Producers : Ludovic GICQUEL

Ludovic GICQUEL is a screenwriter, director and producer. He is collaborating with Thomas GARCIA to realize this new short film project. The scenario Je compte jusqu’à toi is in competition within several scenario festivals. This film project is under study by CNC commissions and in the regions. The film is supported by Proarti, Transpalux and Transpagrip.


Script and Director : Ludovic GICQUEL – Thomas GARCIA & Ludovic GICQUEL
Assistant Director : xxxxx XXXXX
Actors : xxxx XXXXX | xxxx XXXXX | xxxx XXXX | xxxx XXXX
Executive producer : Ludovic GICQUEL
Stage manager : ……
Steadycam : ……
Editing : ……..
Assistant Editing : …….
Special effects : ……….
Color Grading : xxxxx XXXXX
Sound : ……
Sound Editing : ……
Music : Sylvain MORIZET
Make-up : Charlie LOUISE
Hair : Marion LABAYE
Costumer : Anaelle MISMAN
Production designer : Marc PACON
Key grip : Thomas BIGOT
Gaffer : Charles CARPENTIER
Producers : Ludovic GICQUEL & Maurice GICQUEL pour AENARIA PRODUCTION

Special thanks to : Proarti | La Région …. | CNC | ……. | SACEM | TRANSPALUX – Didier DIAZ | TRANSPAGRIP – Nicolas BOUCHARD.

Country : France
Kind of movie : Fiction
Style : Dramatic
Chromatic : Color
Timing : 29 min

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